2c) The controversy comes primarily from the practice of aarti aarta, which is what Nihang Singh’s/Hazuris do. This often entails, as seen. Aarti Aarta is a ‘Hindu Ritual’.? To start with, just to clarify, we had no association with this divaan. So we are commenting on this from an unbiased angle. VahegurooJiKaKhalsaVahegurooJiKiFateh I was just wondering if Bhai Sahib has ever written anything about Sri Aarti paath/kirtan. In general.

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Sections of this page. Reply Quote Tweet Facebook. Paath and simran will help with this. Sikh 2 Inspire Religious Organization.

Singhs do shastr puja and gurbani pooja BOTH. Guru Maharaj alone is perfect, therefore whatever Guru Ji does is right and righteous action. You have the 2 oldest authentic Sikh organisations which both have clear and unchallenged lineage back to Guru sahiban.

Where one does pooja of either, but practices the abyaas of neither, THAT, is the aslee moorti pooja. By puzzled Started December 2. This forum is powered by Phorum. Official Sikh Athletes Nonprofit Organization.

Aarti Aarta (#SYFCamp) by The SYF | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Modern day media including music and popular media personalities like the karsashians corrupt society, it’s because of media that we live in such a degraded moral less society. Are they not worthy of such royal treatments?


By Guest rma Started Yesterday at Music videos are not good and will put wrong things in your head especially with all the fat ses twirking on your screen.

Tommy Robinson Public Figure.

See more of Art of Elusive Fighting on Facebook. Aarti aarta Posted by Uttam Singh. Aadta you suggest we give these up also? When it first came about it was very lyrical and poetic and was about bringing around positive social change and reform, the media then corrupted the movement and made it about sex, alcohol and money, media is owned by the government and the government didnt want aarga social changes.

A Sikh, by definition, will follow in the footsteps of his Guru. Flowers are also thrown during specific parts of the Paath.

Aarti aarta

Aarti aarta May 10, CBT – you can get websites and apps that help you through this. Irrelevant of the right or wrong associated with the personalities in question seperate subjectonly an idiot throws a baby out with the bath water. Sign up for a new account in our community. There is also one Singh who will be given duty of ringing a bell, one Singh who will be given duty of blowing a Sank shell horn and one Singh who will be given the duty of sprinkling rose water.


Arati the momentum is only going go continue to grow, as many who wish to learn about and pursue the practice of ‘original Khalsa rvaaj’ will do so, irrelevant of the demonization by the remnants of the early British educated Sikh evolutionists. Important Information Terms of Use. We do abiyaas of shastr and gurbai.


Dhan dhan Guru Raam Daas ji! For your mood, do two things: Aarti aarta May 08, The original warti of the Khalsa panth who maintain all puratan Khalsa kshatriya maryadai and have full gyaan of Dasam bani both granths.

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