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adg508fv This capacitance will also affect circuit performance, so independent verification was also daasheet made by laboratory test. The value of FEDDY, the eddy current critical frequency, can be determined from a graph of permeability versus frequency, as shown in Figure 4.

IS should be calculated in the forward biased region where the plot of log ID vs. Ohmic resistance increases with breakdown voltage, however, the vendor current and voltage specifications take this into account.

The datashewt equations express the relationship of the model parameters to these capacitances: Product Highlights Fault protection. The linear model is shown in Figure 2.

Laboratory measurements and methods for gathering data from test setups is beyond the scope of this guide, and will not be covered except in a few passing notes. For example, the next time a summer, multiplier, or integrator function is needed in a design, but the actual circuit is not required, reach for your analog computer library.

This model will create a good transistor model from virtually any data sheet.

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This can be one of 4 stages: Microstrip propagation times of PSec per inch, [], are built in to the model. They also contain numerous macro models and explain how they were developed and how to use them. The 2N data sheet will be used for the sample calculations. The most computationally efficient model for PC cards, backplanes and thick film substrates is an L-C section of a transmission adg580fb.


Dynamic parameters are determined by the capacitors. Other canonical forms are given in reference []. The model has been scheduled for obsolescence, but may still be purchased for a limited time. LIB file, along with the rest of the generic sources. Capacitance is frequently higher than predicted because of fringing and additional dielectric encapsulation. If this higher value causes incorrect large signal behavior, then it will be necessary to specify RBM, causing the base resistance to become lower at high currents.

The XQC parameter is used to choose which model will be used. The various ranges specified are as follows: Transformer Models The usual method of simulating a transformer using ISS PICE4 datawheet by specifying the open circuit inductance seen at each winding and then adding the coupling coefficients to a pair of coupled datashset.

The value of ID is obtained from the equation proposed by Shichman and Hodges reference []. The second is the charge controlled model proposed by Ward and Dutton []. For example, applying a voltage pulse of 0 to 1 volt to the dattasheet input will change the resistance adg508tb from port 1 to port 2 from 1E12 to 1 Ohm. The open resistance is 1E12 Ohms. Model References For information on the models listed below please see the associated references.


Static power dissipation is modeled using the resistor RP connected across the power lines. The only parameter you need to enter is the breakdown voltage, BV. The value of IC and IB dqtasheet defined by the following equations: The parameter VSEC can then be determined by integrating the input voltage resulting in: If the simulation frequency is different, you may have to adjust the attenuation value or use the generic coaxial cable subcircuit.

Applications like this can frequently be solved by replacing the single magnetic structure with an equivalent structure using several transformers, each using the model presented here. Adg508fh parameters and forward conduction characteristics are estimated, however, these parameters are not given in vendor data sheets.


The families modeled here have relatively high test currents. The simple model may not show important nonlinearities or other second order effects. Unfortunately, the data is sometimes omitted in later catalogues, so you must either make measurements or dig up the old data sheets. The required depth and breath of the resulting discussion is beyond the scope of this text.

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Lib – Newsletter 16, Jan. When forward current equals reverse current, the transit time, TT is 1. Current through the core will result in a B-H plot. Once an order has been placed, Analog Devices, Inc. For volume-specific price or delivery quotes, please contact your local Analog Devices, Inc.

Two nonlinearities are modeled in the interstage. A noticeable increase in MMF occurs when the core comes out of saturation, an effect that is more pronounced for square wave excitation than for sinusoidal excitation, as shown in Figure 3. RS accounts for the diode deviation from ideal voltage predicted from IS and N at high bias levels. The following equations are used in the generic model: F is the analysis frequency, q is the charge of an electron, 1.

Models then become progressively more complex as the design is refined. To use the model, just place the core across the transformer’s input terminals and specify the parameters.

Measurements of these parameters are not recommended for breakdown ratings above several hundred volts because of the danger of damaging the device by arcing across the surface.