User Guide for Alcatel Telephone. Advanced Phone Features For The Alcatel set is equipped with the following elements: 1. Handset. 2. Alcatel OmniPCX . The list of programmable features can be found in your User guide. Þ. END of Alcatel. OmniPCX™ and REFLEXES™. Alcatel Advanced Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Office ARCHITECTS OF AN INTERNET WORLD User guide How Thank you for choosing one of our Reflexes .

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View a manual of the Alcatel Advanced Reflexes below. All manuals on ManualsCat. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Have a question about the Alcatel Advanced Reflexes but cannot find the answer in the user manual? Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Alcatel Advanced Reflexes Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the Alcatel Advanced Reflexes as precisely as you can.

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Alcatel Advanced Reflexes manual. Previous page Next page. Advanced Reflexes Filetype: German, English, Dutch, French Ask a question.

Table of Contents Page: Voice message indicator 4. Navigator key ; this is maual to scroll the dynamic keys labels pages or lines upwards or downloads 5. Programmable key associated with a pictogram 7. Display keys to access the functions proposed by the display 8. Alphanumeric display 2 lines X 40 characters 9.


Hands free microphone System programmed key Numbering keypad 12 keys Control Volume key Hands free key How to make a telephone call 4 1. Call by name 4 advabced.

How to handle several calls 5 1. Call Back 5 2. Broker Call 5 3. Call Transfer 5 4. Group Call Pick-up 6 4. Direct Call Pick-up 6 5. Call Waiting 6 6.

All calls 6 6. Forward on busy 6 6. Forward on no-answer 7 6.

Call Park 7 8. Phone password 8 8.

Adjusting the ringing melody 8 8. Adjusting the loudspeaker volume 8 8. Appointment reminder 8 8. Adjusting the display brightness 9 9.

Create new phonebook 9 9. Speed rrflexes on alphanumeric display 9 9. Create a program key 10 9.

Alcatel Advanced Reflexes 4035 manual

Calling using program keys 10 9. Create system speed phonebook 10 Other Special Features Three-way Conference 3 parties 11 Voice Mail System 12 Page: Making an Internal call. Hang up to terminate the call.

Making an External call. Making a call to Attendant. Mute Function Press 1. Open the flap to use the keypad 2. If the name entered does not contain any spaces, the search is automatically made on the name.

Press to correct errors b. Press to run the search, the display proposes the first name found. When the required name is displayed, press enter key call the no. Press to end the process.

If engaged, the second call comes in. Press the key once. Then, the first call is put on hold automatically and icon changed from to. When second call is completed, press to cancel the first call on hold. The first call will recover automatically and 6. Broker Call — Switching 2 telephone calls aclatel 1 line 1. Two lines can be switched. Call Transfer – Transfer received call to other extension 1. Make a call or received a call. Your phone will ring and you will be put through to your first caller.


Call Waiting -camp on busy Ext. To pick up the line 1. Press or to pick the call. To choose or alter your personal code must be 4 digits. The display screen will prompt you to dial the default code or your old code.

Dial the new code twice. An asterisk indicates each digit or the code. You can choose the ringing tone of your phone. Press key to end the process.

Press key to select the tone. Press loudspeaker key to hear the alactel.

Alcatel Advanced Reflexes manual

Press key to increase the volume level or 3. Press key adavnced decrease the volume level. The display will indicate the levels of brightness in display screen. If it is an external no.

Totally, there are 45 memories in your phonebook 1. The display screen will show the first few digits of no. To go to the next page, use the navigator. To make he call, press the display key corresponding to the no. Press to end the conversation. Select a program key for one memory.

Dial program code or internal Ext. Certain you have programmed the phone number on the program key.

Press the program key of your choice. The call will be made automatically. The display screen will show the number being called. Hang up after conversation. Code programmed already by Admin.