Read “Best Kendo Waza Illustrated Guide to Kendo Techniques” by David Aguero with Rakuten Kobo. An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with. I Waza (Evading Technique) In nuki waza you evade your opponent’s strike and, The best suriage waza is done by using the natural curvature of the shinogi. I touched on this in an earlier broader post on oji waza, but there (If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your.

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There are four methods in which it can be carried out and is dependent on the opponent losing his concentration after having made a strike. Return to Book Page. When the combat is in progress, there comes a time when the opponent might have fallen off guard or is in a position wherein he can be easily subdued. A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship.

You have to keep the point of your shinai forward. Leave me a comment in the box below.

List of various Kendo techniques under the Shikake Waza or Oji Waza

Kendo techniques are best learned in a stepwise sequence and while wielding the shinai might seem to be the crux, it is equally important to pay attention to footwork and kedo scream ‘Kiai’. Nevertheless, it’s a great review of the wazas taught to me since I tend to forget terminologies.

Open Preview See a Problem? Mohamma rated it really liked it May 06, In kaeshi waza, your wrists rotates to strike a target. Trivia About Best Kendo Waza. For example, start with kata or boken ni yoru kihon keikoho, move on to kihon drills, keeping them short and changing partners frequently and finally move to jigeiko.

Suriage waza – Used on being beest by knedo opponent’s shinai, this technique calls for the practitioner to sweep his shinai in a rising motion and then an upward motion before executing a strike.


It is recommended to learn these besy step by step. No trivia or quizzes yet. Those in the habit of veering to the side after hitting, usually do so because they fear a collision with their opponent, injuring either themselves or the other player. We either push in and take his centre, or we make him come to us and take away the initiative.

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Kendo Techniques Guide

Simply click the image wazaa or click here and find out what you get from Newsletter. Stormtrooper on the Eastern Front. There are a total of eighty five techniques covered in the book and includes blocking techniques. They either stand up from sonkyo and take a step to the right, or when they attack men or kote, they do so in a diagonal line, so that after striking they pass their opponent on the right.

In most cases they wait too long and hit when their training partner has entered their distance. Suriage can be done with omote the left side of a shinai or ura the right side of a shinai.

We all must know how hakama bushu brand are made! Books by David Aguero. You submitted the following rating and review. The Basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Although this book is meant for intermediate to advanced kenshi, beginners will find this book very useful. The Book of Five Rings.

To be able to execute this technique well, as a practitioner you need to observe your opponent minutely and time your attack in a way that it is most effective rather than being too slow or too quick. This site uses cookies. In either case it is a waste of time and effort as neither is classed as yuko datotsu.

Because it works best as an oji waza they wait until their opponent makes a men attack and attempt nuki or kaeshi dou. John Harper marked it as to-read Dec 08, Eaza is also essential to nest your eye on your opponent and to retake kamae as soon as you are in safe distance. The idea is to strike an opponent when he is about to strike assuming that he would be too distracted to react and hence will be unable to counter immediately.


Legends of the Samurai. Smhoff rated it really liked it Feb 10, Nuki waza is seen in kata No.

When you raise the shinai to strike, the point goes up and forward rather than up and back. The session was led by his teacher, the late Furuya sensei and attended by numerous 8 th and 7 th dan members, many of whom were at least in their 60s.

January 21, by Geoff. Distance must be correct, so that the suriage is made by the monouchi touching the monouchi.

By taking such a defensive action, he loses the ability to respond with a technique of his own and whilst my knowledge of orthopaedic surgery is slight to say the least, I imagine that the pain and inconvenience caused by kenco elbow injury outweighs the shame of having your dou hit.

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Best Kendo Waza

Before executing an oji waza, you should already win the mind game before actual striking happens. The Shotokan Karate Bible 2nd edition. We want to fight fair and squire. When you stand from sonkyo, unless your opponent has a very weak kamae, it is unlikely that you will see an opening to attack. The other common misconception is that dou is a diagonal cut. Learning Martial Arts Essentials.

Do not put power into your right hand.

I agree one hundred percent.