Suraj Prakash -Jeevan Dsa Patshahiya by Sodhi Teja Singh Gur Pratap Suraj granth .. Sri Nanak Parkash Utraradh (Part 2) (Bhai Santokh Singh) Punjabi. Sri Nanak Parkash Poorabaradh (Part 1) (Bhai Santokh Singh) Punjabi. Uploaded by Suraj Parkash – Kavi Santokh Singh – Raas1. Suraj Parkash – Kavi . Bhai Baljinder Singh as it is completely an individual effort by him. Except for. Brief History of Bhai Santokh Singh Ji The greatest work of Kavi Ji is the Suraj Parkash or Gur Partap Suraj, which is a complete history of the.

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Suraj Parkash Granth On Beheading Of Punj Pyare? – WHAT’S HAPPENING? – SIKH SANGAT

One of the biggest difference is around what or who was beheaded in the tent when the Punj Sikhs stepped up to give their head. Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa was not only a great warrior but also very learned in understanding Gurbani and Sikhi all together.

Once the first Sikh presented his head to Guru ji. Guru ji took the Sikh behind the tenet and instead of beheading the SIkh. In the Khalsa Panth many are venomously targeting others for not accepting Suraj Parkash Granth as the gospel truth. This does not just happen on the internet, but in person.

I hold the view of Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa. Which is not everything in Suraj Parkash Granth is the gospel truth and the writer has made some mistakes.

However many are scared that if we say that the writer made a mistake in one portion. I believe such individuals are paranoid and do not understand the depth of damage they are doing by supporting something as the gospel truth when it is not. It would be very foolish to say that all of this Granth is the gospel truth and it will be equally foolish to say that all of Suraj Parkash Granth is full of lies based on one mistake.

I hold the view that Gursikhs have done a inspection of this Granth and they accepted what matched with Gurbani and rejected what was not in agreement with Gurbani. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale was a firm supporter of our dharam Granths and never casted doubt on Gurbani nor on our precious dharam Granths.

Suraj Parkash – Wikipedia

If anything, please post relevant katha by Taksal – University of Sikhi doing katha of this. This doesn’t mean he is against the account given in Suraj Parkash Granth. This type of intellectual analysis, actually lack of intellectual analysis is what modern day missionaries go about spewing on the internet.

I saw the whole video. Where does it say what you write that Sant is speaks against suraj parkash Granth on Panj pyare being beheaded. Kharag Sang Surwj Singh Doye “. The staff who were appointed to assist Kavi Ji, to write and aingh the Granth, we’re Devi worshippers.

Without the consent of Kavi Ji, the staff added their own vies into the Granth, such as Devi worship etc. There are some accounts that do not conform to Praoash, but they are adulterations; Kavi Ji was a Gursikh of the highest calibre.


The problem with shankavadi missionaries is that they cast doubt without knowing historical facts. Bhai Mohkam singh ji is right that there were some additions by kavis without knowledge of Bhai Ssingh singh ji.

Bhai Veer Singh ji spent 14 years to review and edit this granth.

Suraj Parkash

But he had immense respect for Bhai Santokh. As mentioned above, Suraj Prakas is a respected Granth fo the Sikhs. Since it was written it has been used to narrate the stories of Guru Jee.

But as mentioned above, some parts of it were added. It would be wrong to cast doubt on the whole granth because of some parts like throwing the baby with the bath water. One must read Suraj Prakash with the touch stone of Gurbani and accept those parts with are in accordance with Gurbani. I have seen the entire video that has been mis quoted and can assure anyone who has not seen it that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji does or never had said anything against Sri Gurpratap Suraj Granth.

The quote in question clears the situation regarding the beheading of our Panj Piarrai by stating that they were indeed beheaded and anyone with any doubts should find the evidence of where and from whom and for how much money was the supposed goats acquired.

Sant Ji then demands that noone should consider the beheading phoney as that would be outright denying the magic of Sri Dasam Pitta’s Khalsa Revelation and would be accusing him of being a pakhandi, which will not be tolerated.

Rewriting history by this poster has shown us all that some people will see and hear only what they want to fit their NAZI particular agenda Stop trying to out Sikhi everyone and realise that learning is not simply from reading but by comprehending and keeping an open mind when interacting with the world around us!!!

Past posts along with the tone and derogatory content of them has now proven beyond doubt that this child has alot to learn, Satkar of fellow students would be a start. I watched that shot in entirety. Did not find anything like that. Read the whole episode written by Kavi Santokh Singh ji. Send a private message to one of the people who liked the post i quoted of yours above and tell them to be honest with you on what Kavi Santokh Singh ji said.

Or go ask a Gursikh you trust that has knowledge and then see what he says. All of them know that Kavi Santokh Singh ji said Guru Sahib actually cut a goats head and made it look like he cut the Punj Pyare head. But they these members won’t admit it here so send private messages and they will open up like a book to you. The Granth contains a few adulterations, which Santokh Singh did not get the chance to rectify.

Try put the whole episode in here and explain it in layman’s language what those stanzas mean. You seem to claim that kaviji wrote that Guru ji asked heads of pyaras but cut goats heads instead which implies Guru ji lied??? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Already have an account? By mahandulai Started 19 hours ago.

By Guest rma Started Yesterday at By Guest Guest Started Saturday at By puzzled Started December 2. By JSinghnz Started 19 hours ago. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted December 3, edited. I hold the view that Gursikhs have done a inspection of this Granth and they accepted what matched with Gurbani and rejected what was not in agreement with Gurbani Here is the link to the reference in Suraj Parkash Granth on page Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted December 3, I said to provide the relevant katha from puratan taksal of Suraj Parkash katha. It’s a big sin to put words in the mouth of Sants. But that does not make whole Suraj parkash as suspect. But he had immense respect for Bhai Santokh singh ji and hence did not alter anything in granth.

He wrote his comments as footnotes. Bhaiji’s I have seen the entire video that has been mis quoted and can assure anyone who has not seen it that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji does or never had said anything against Sri Gurpratap Suraj Granth. To even suggest such a thing is preposterous. Maybe, apologise and move on?? Havent read carefully all but it seems you havent read even a bit of it.

Read pagestz Posted December 4, Posted December 4, edited. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? My current state of mind. Does Waheguru forgive cheating? British cruelty in India. This is a Sikh website. Could I ask as an extension to the original question about dancing?

Brief History of Bhai Santokh Singh Ji

Personally I believe much like profane music that eantokh is not allowed. Would like to know the Sangat’s thoughts on this, and how they would answer suarj a question.

I haven’t had Darshan of Maharaj, but when you start Sikhi, doing Simran, Paath, listening to Kirtan and feeling the Anand Waheguru ji gives, the answers that you are seeking for will be answered automatically since you will be at a higher spiritual level. Don’t worry, you got this.

Does listening to music help get rid of surj Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Hankaar Your lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride?

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