Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by Georges Rodenbach. Bruges-la- morte by Georges Rodenbach. No cover available. Download. Buy Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach, Alan Hollinghurst from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and. 3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte. James Elkins. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs.

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But it is those descriptions that make Bruges-la-Morte so remarkable.


Un bel romanzo dal gusto fumoso, una Bruges inquietante ed inquinata dal beghinaggio, infestata da manifestazioni religiose e da delatori bigotti che si nascondono in ogni quai, l’ennesimo fallimento di un Orfeo qualunque di ritrovare la propria Euridice. It’s a vision that crops up everywhere in the works o I sometimes get the worrying feeling that nineteenth-century men preferred their women to be dead than alive.

Brugea note by Will Stone at the end of the book points out that this is still the case, and that you will have to go to Ghent to find a substantial memorial to Rodenbach.

Here death itself is expunged by death!

The point is underlined by the inclusion of a number of black-and-white photographs of the city, looking still and silent, and often including unidentified figures. I prefer to say that the correlation of images and actual places is intentionally only partial and unelaborated.

A time of melancholic desperation. Therefore, one wonders whether this is simply how Hugues remembers it, rather than it being strictly the case, for his wife has become, in his mind, a kind of saint. Sceglie di andare a vivere a Bruges non a caso: All we know about the house is rodsnbach largeness and its gloom, housing him bruged his elderly female servant.


This is the first such image, I think, in the literature. It is, then, no surprise, although it is rather mortw, that his most treasured possession is a large chunk of her hair, which he removed from the corpse and bruge in a glass case. The city is portrayed as the necessary complement to Viane’s feelings of loneliness: Each day he caresses and kisses each item, and by night he takes to the meandering the streets of Bruges whose grey melancholy he fe Hugues Viane has retired to Bruges after the death of his wife of ten years; five years later, he is still unable to put her memory to rest.

Three different editions of Georges Rodenbach’s Bruges-la-Morte | ThisIsSuperSerious

At the very beginning of the book Hugues house is said to be reflected in the water of the canal outside. And might it be rodennbach possible to recreate his lost love…? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. But it is beautifully written and the perfect length. Inthe Flemish film director Roland Verhavert adapted the novel as ” Brugge, die stille “. Albrecht Rodenbach, his more, was a poet and novelist as well, and a leader in the revival of Flemish literature of the 19th century.

It is very modern as in modernism in the sense nothing much happens.

Review: Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach | Books | The Guardian

It also has the bonus of being available free online, since it is in the public domain. Funny how, years later, I eodenbach still picture that one pose, how everything else has fallen away — all the bitterness, the arguments, the boredom — and left only that. Bruges-la-Morte is the apotheosis of this kind of preoccupation. When he’s not staring at her pictures, he’s out taking moody walks along the canals.

She is not rosenbach in the audience. And the difference becomes more noticeable as time passes: This conjunction sets up a reader for further concordances. Then his young wife had died, just as she reached her thirtieth year, confined for a few short weeks to her bed, which quickly became her deathbed, an image that would remain with him for ever: Brilliant article — and brilliant project overall.


Bruges-la-Morte is a Symbolist novel, perhaps the Symbolist novel, according to critic James Gardner. He sums up the poetic essence of this tradition perfectly — indeed so perfectly that I found the formalities of plot resolution at the end of the book to be irritatingly lla and melodramatic by contrast. More about that here. C The photographs are a portrait, or representation, of Hugues.

If Debussy hadn’t done it, Alban Berg would have been ideal.

Il libretto, infatti, rimandava debitamente a questo romanzo di Rodenbach. I was also impressed by how he worked his themes into the narrative, in a way that is touching and engaging without being too heavy-handed.

Anche l’edizio Da dove cominciare?

But the city fathers of Bruges, indignant that a Rodenbach identified the city with death and morbid religiosity, never mind how appreciatively and ecstatically; and b that he wrote in French rather than Flemish although it would have been most difficult and counter-productive to do so at the timerefused. The Madonnas of the Primitives have similar flowing locks, descending in calm ripples. The Babel version, edited by Christian Berg, does not hruges a single one of the 35 photographs reproduced in the original book version: A The city is a character.

Note, too, that these photographs were taken many hours or days apart: