Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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The buying of animals Remember this lot which I told you about.

Carmen astrologicum – Dorotheus (of Sidon.) – Google Books

All fire signs have the same rulers. Saturn will obstruct [evil] for thirty years if it cxrmen in a cardine and dominant in that xarmen and its dominance is when by day it is lord of the Sun’s triplicity or carnen night the lord of the Moon’s triplicitybut if it does have these credentials it is not beneficial.

Look also at the Moon, as, if you find, together with what I mentioned of the goodness of the second place, the Moon in a good place aspecting the second place, increasing in its number[s] and its light, in trine with the Sun, and Mars does not aspect it, then astroloficum indicates that he is well known, mighty in his leadership and work in cities and the service of kings, a confidant of them, [and] influential because of this.

Knowledge of the places of the planets Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. If you find Saturn or Mars or both of them in the ascendant and the lords of the triplicity of the ascendant in places in which they are strengthened and not under the rays of the Sun but coming out in their light, decree for him upbringing. Knowledge of the lot of the father.

Carmen Astrologicum

Knowledge of the division of the planets with regard to good and evil. If with this you find the lord of the ascendant cadent like this, then the native is not brought up out of misery and expulsion because he is a slave or a pauper or one in need of nourishment.

If Mars is the lord of that lot, that benefit is because of a strange man whose work is work like the works of Mars, or his benefit is from violent deeds. Aspect of the planets from sextile He wrote his Pentateuch five books on astrology in Greek, in verse.

Return to Book Page. It is necessary also to look astrologlcum the sign which the Moon enters on the third day from the birth of the native as you will know this from the place [of the Moon] and the lord of [its] exaltation and which [planet] is associated with it and from its lord and from [the planet] aspecting it.

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Books by Dorotheus of Sidon. Look at the place which I shall tell you of the lot of wedding. Up to here is the section on marriage. The upbringing of natives and for whom there will be an upbringing or for whom an upbringing will not be known If it is Carmeen, then the bride’s dowry is damaged, and she will be furious with him like the burning of fire because of women, and the marriage will be with this thing.

If the Sun is eclipsed, its eclipse is for two hours and each hour is a year; as for what an eclipse of the Moon indicates when its eclipse is for two hours, each astrologifum is a month. He chose it and selected it and picked it from the books which were before him, and he wrote it for his son Hermes.

Look from the lord of the sign in which the lot of the father is, and if you find it aspecting the lot or you astrooogicum the awtrologicum of the lot in what follows its own house, or [if] the lord of the sign opposite the sign of the lot is aspecting the lot, then the native is summoned to [someone] other than his father.

If you find Jupiter in the cardine under the earth or in the cardine, the seventh, with a malefic, or [if] a malefic is in opposition or quartile to it [Jupiter], then it is the indicator of carmem death of his [the native’s] children, and worse than this if Jupiter is without light.

Finding libraries that hold this item If you also find the Sun in the sixth or the twelfth, then similarly it indicates the loss of his father’s property. Count from Mars to Jupiter and add to it the degrees of the ascendent [by day] astrolovicum subtract it from the ascendent [by night], thirty at a time. To ask other readers questions about Carmen Astrologicumplease sign up. I If Venus is the lord of the lot, then he will bring this matter to an end with [other] things and [with] joy from wine.

He, like the Greeks of his day, also uses the Dodecatemoria, which are the twelfths of a sign. Keep what Astrologifum tell you of the places and the superiority of one of them over another in power.

Lana marked it as to-read Mar 28, If you find the lot in a bad place, then his condition will have no rise and no conclusion. If the Moon is free from astrolovicum two, say the contrary to what I said. If you rind the lord of the lot of the father in a bad place while the lord of the Sun and the Sun are not aspecting the ascendant, this indicates a terrible death for his father.

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If it [the lord] does not aspect it [the lot], it indicates the estrangement of one of them from the other. If the lot happens to be where none of the planets is in quartile or opposition to it, then these [natives] have a need for children. The magnitude of fortune and property.

The rest of the investigation is as I told you. If the nativity is diurnal then look at the Sun and the lords of its triplicity, if it is nocturnal astrilogicum look at the Moon and the lords of its triplicity.

This translation, from by David Pingree, is from a fourth century Pahlavi Persian source. Arrival of Mercury in the places WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. If the lord of this place carken a benefic and it is favourable in a cardine in its own place, then he will be wealthy [and] rich. If there are some malefics in his nativity, they indicate hardship.

Calculate it by day from the degree of the Sun to the degree in which Saturn is, and by night from Saturn to the Sun, and add to it the degrees of the ascendant [by day] and subtract it from the ascendant [by night] thirty [degrees at a time], and look where its lord is situated.

If all of them are in a xarmen, then axtrologicum at where are the lord of the seventh sign carmeh the lord of the eighth sign and the lord of the eleventh sign, astrolobicum is the sign of fortune, and the lord of the fifth sign and the lord of the cardine, the fourth. Look at the lords of Jupiter’s triplicity, which of them is the stronger, and calculate [its] place which is above the earth, and count from it till it reaches the ascendent; whatever signs are between these two, according to that is the number of [his] children.

A table to calculate Dodecatemoria. Book four is awtrologicum the transfer of years, i. For those who are coming out of “the Belief Systems” this book along with other information from other sources will help you gain more knowledge about the Past and its History and how Religius Systems have Copy and Playgerized information from Ancient Texted.

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