Success and failure of carnation crop depends upon the selection of cuttings for planting. The stem tip cuttings must be of good diameter and. Carnation Flower Growing: Introduction to Carnation Flower Growing: Carnations are great winter season flowers and they can be cultivated as cut flowers. This topic provides information about Carnation production practices. It is advisable to take up cultivation of several colours in a single polyhouse of carnation.

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Spray types are harvested when two flowers open and the remaining buds show colour. Carnation petals cup upwards and do not open.

Originally a moist tan colored blotch grows on petal tips and spreads quickly throughout the petals to make a fluffy grey mold. Nymphs and adults suck the sap from the leaves, stems and flower buds in colonies.

Continue using the above before the conclusion of the very first flower production peak. Fertigation should be provided early in the morning at 6 am for greater use from the plants.

It is a major problem in carnation. Always busy in farm to find something new.

Carnation cultivation guide (2018)

Per m2 every day. Weeks provide only water no fertilizers because of carnation plant root not cultivatio to consume any nutrition. Pinching is a significant cultural performance at the successful creation of excellent quality carnations. Place the netting on the beds prior to planting. Notify me of new posts by email.


Harvesting of Carnation crop: Normally infected crops are symptom significantly less, but some cultivars can demonstrate a mottling pattern on the leaves. The flowers can be stored for two to four weeks before marketing. Varieties of Standard Type Carnation.

Stem and root rot may take place. Crops Garlic Farming Guide October 12, Immediately after planting, drench with 1 g carbendazim or captan polyhoue lit of water. Fertilization from 8th week onwards until 12th week: This is due to fluctuation in temp.

Thus, the regularity of shape and structure of the flower get destroyed.

Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Fusarium Stem rot and wilt: A profitable business for rural peopel Production technology for healthy planting material of 5 major cut flowers Four important diseases of rose and their Management Rose Cultivation Techniques Cultivation of cutflower- Dutch Rose.

These carnation have shorter stems and greater production than spray varieties. Red sandy loam soil with good drainage is best for the cultivation of carnation, land polyhead up to 80 — cm deep. In the first phases of development and growth, humidity should be kept around 80 to 85 percent. Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation in Hence the crop needs support while growing. Amar Sawant is an entrepreneur, farmer, and writer.

Carnation — Vikaspedia

Cut flower stalk is soaked in this solution for 4 — 5 hours to improve vase life. Thus, operate drip irrigation method for the prescribed time. Basal fertilizers application in carnation: Daily harvest is made leaving bottom 5 nodes of stalk to facilitate side shoot development. It is cultivated for large-scale production. This can also be reduced by placing a rubber band or 6mm wide clear plastic tape is used around the calyx of the flowers which are just start opening.


The disease is characterized by appearance of round purplish spots on the leaves, enlarging slowly with brownish black centre having sporulation.

Withering and yellowing of foliage, inn departure, outside browning of stalks and inner workings in nodes. This is a quite serious insect on carnations.

Horticulture :: Flower Crops :: Carnation

Maintaining optimal pest and disease control can be achieved by keeping regular preventative spraying program. Bud borer — Helicoverpa armigera Caterpillers infest the leaves and flower buds. After initial pinch, one half of the breaks from the first pinch are pinched a second time about three to five weeks after first pinch.

Growing region wise Varieties of carnation. Commercially used Floral Preservatives.

These cartons should have sufficient vent holes. Special practices Netting for plant support: Cultivatin leaf tissues surrounding this spot turn yellow, severe infection leads to premature death of the leaves.

After the establishment of plants, about 3 — 4 weeks after planting, the apex shoot is pinched leaving on the 5th — 6th pair of leaf or leaving 5 — 6 lateral shoots to develop.