Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Subcontractor. To be made by the Subcontractor prior to payment when required as a condition for. CCDC 9A – Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor *(requires the purchase of a CCDC 9 copyright seal available at CATB . the construction contract. The wording often used can be found in the forms drafted by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC 9A and 9B).

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Join the WCA Be part of the association that is shaping the future of commercial construction in Manitoba! It can be downloaded from the following link — Get Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may also visit our VancouverNotary. The Canadian Construction Documents Committee CCDC series are endorsed by the construction, engineering, and architecture community and are highly respected documents, contracts, and guides.

Finally, the subcontractors often engage lower sub-subcontractors and suppliers. What should I do? The documents will not function correctly with version 3. Proceed to download your document by selecting the blue button above. It must be signed by the President, Vice-President, Secretary, or other signing officer authorized by resolution.

Please make sure you have at least version 4. For constructon Statutory Declarations, the typical information contained in the document is as follows:. To assist in serving you better, please be aware of the following specific items concerning your statutory declaration forms:.


The statutory declaration assures the paying party that their funds are reaching those lower on the pyramid. The Commissioner of Oaths us must be satisfied regarding the Deponent’s identity. For constructon Statutory Declarations, the typical information contained in the document is as follows: Adobe Acrobat Reader does not have the option to save the information you fill in. CCDC Documents are relied on as familiar industry standards for their fairness and balance for all parties involved in a construction project.

Part of the commissioning process is for the commissioner to personally complete the declaration section Declared before me at … place name, date, etc.

Hardcopy documents, electronic documents and copyright seals can only be purchased from an authorized document outlet. This is not the same list as those who can sign a passport application.


ccdv If it is version 3 or lower please download the current version of the Reader. The Winnipeg Construction Association, through the Canadian Construction Association has participated in the development of standard construction documents.

We can either prepare the Statutory Declaration on your behalf, or you can bring your unsigned Statutory Declaration to our office to be sworn.

The Deponent must orally state that they make the declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same legal force and effect as stag made under oath.

However if you want all of ccc CCDC documents it is more economical to purchase a complete set rather than purchase each document individually. A CCDC copyright sticker is required on the forms. They will have stamps and certificates to prove their standing.


An information bulletin CCDC bulletin 21 concerning the forms can also be downloaded from the same area of the website. When all these requirements are satisfied, both the Deponent, and the Commissioner of Oaths sign the Statutory Declaration, and our notary stamp and seal is applied to your document. Skip to main content.

Statutory Declaration for Construction Progress Payments – Vancouver Notary | Brosgall Legal

The owner and general contractor rarely have contracts with subcontractors or suppliers, so they rarely deal with these other parties. One declaration cannot be used for both conditions.

This includes provincial judges and Members of the Legislative Assembly, lawyers entitled to practise in the Province, and municipal councillors to name a few. This means you must bring proper government issued picture ID such as a driver’s licence, passport, etc.

CCDC 9A – 2001 Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor

The Deponent you must be physically present with the Commissioner of Oaths when signing. Either way, as a Commissioner of Oaths, Mr.

The general contractor then hires subcontractors to do the work.