Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol. Mar-Apr;26(2) Empyema caused by Clostridium bifermentans: A case report. Edagiz S(1), Lagace-Wiens P(2), Embil . Clostridium bifermentans bacteremia resulting in metastatic osteomyelitis involving the sacrum, spine, and ribs. The emergence of resistance of this organism to. We report a case of recurrent Clostridium bifermentans bacteremia resulting in metastatic osteomyelitis involving the sacrum, spine, and ribs. The emergence of .

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Empyema caused by Clostridium bifermentans: A case report.

Manual of Clinical Microbiology. It is found in sewage, soil, and occasionally the intestinal flora of humans. Clostridium septicum empyema in an immunocompetent woman. Liver abscess caused by Clostridium bifermentans following blunt abdominal trauma. Given the profound intra-abdominal fluid, there was concern for potential abdominal catastrophe; thus, she had an exploratory laparotomy, which was negative for any signs of intra-abdominal infection or viscous perforation, although there was massive ascites.

Support Center Support Center.

On physical examination at the time of presentation, the patient was noted to be febrile, with an oral temperature of Bacteria belonging to the genus Clostridium are anaerobic Gram-positive rods with the ability to form endospores 23.

He was otherwise hemodynamically stable. We thus surmise that this particular strain of C bifermentans may have elaborated toxins similar to the C sordellii lethal toxin and NanS, although this conjecture remains unproven. Accessed 5 December The remainder of the physical examination was unremarkable.

Malaysia, was the first anaerobic bacterium known to kill mosquito larvae. She subsequently deteriorated in hospital, with repeat chest radiography demonstrating pulmonary infiltrates and a pneumothorax that appeared to communicate with a cavitary lesion in the chest.


This may suggest that the toxins alluded to above may be present in only a small, lethal subset of strains, although that is also unproven. Clin Microbiol Rev ; Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. Alternatively, the infection may have occurred secondary to aspiration, although the patient did not have any risk factors for aspiration specifically identified.

Clostridium bifermentans – Global Catalogue of Microorganisms

An echocardiogram was bifermnetans, which did not demonstrate any evidence of endocarditis or other valvular pathology. A certain subspeciesClostridium bifermentans subsp. She was afebrile, without rash, and extremities were cool. Computed tomography CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed ascites, and a pelvic ultrasound was unremarkable. The subspecies was part of a collection at the Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia.

The Clostridium family represents a diverse group of Gram-positive, spore-forming, obligate anaerobic bacteria that are found widely throughout the environment and are known to secrete a wide array of toxins [ 1 ].

Clostridium bifermentans Scientific classification Kingdom: Patel SB, Mahler R.

Clostridium bifermentans (Weinberg and Seguin) Bergey et al. ATCC &reg

After the second surgery, the clostdidium therapy was changed to a combination of ceftriaxone and metronidazole. A single promoter was found upstream of the four genes, indicating that the four were likely to be expressed simultaneously. J Bone Joint Surg Am ; Am Rev Respir Dis. A fatal case of fulminant endometritis with toxic shock and capillary leak secondary to C bifermentans infection in a young woman is described, and this is compared to all 13 previously described cases of C bifermentans infection.

She also developed large bilateral pleural bifermengans and required bilateral chest tube placement with 4 liters per day transudative fluid output. Furthermore, in various published series of Clostridium species bacteremia, C bifermentans typically accounts for a small percentage of cases 16 — Abstract A case of pneumonia with associated empyema caused by Clostridium bifermentans is described.


She was prescribed levofloxacin but never filled it. Although polymerase chain reaction PCR assay specific for C sordellii was negative, wide-range 16 S PCR assay of cllostridium tissue was positive for Clostridium bifermentans. The constellation of findings in our patient severe capillary leak, profound leukocytosis and hemoconcentration, and improvement with plasmapheresis was very suspicious for C sordellii.

Histopathology showed infection of the uterus, a site of infection not clstridium described. Empyema caused by Clostridium difficile. Thus, the patient remained on vifermentans antimicrobials during his stay in hospital. Please review our privacy policy. Older publications tended to regard C bifermentans as nonpathogenic 46. Retrieved from ” https: Our patient’s course was much more in line with what has previously been described in C sordellii infection, which is well known to cause a fulminant endometritis, typically in young women after medical abortion [ 15 ], although it can occur spontaneously [ 16 ].

Human immunodeficiency virus-1 antibody was negative. Clin Infect Dis ; Malaysia is shown biferkentans be more lethal to Anopheles mosquito larvae, the toxin produced by Cry operon has no mosquitocidal effect on mature Anopheles individuals. Their toxigenicity, urease activity, and sporulating potency. Ryan K, Ray C.

Taxonomic studies of the genus Clostridium: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.