In recent years many faiths have educated their clergy and religious to be brilliant , well-educated, entertaining speakers and socially committed. Divini amoris scientia: full text, concordances and frequency lists. Carta Apostólica Divini Amoris Scientia [João Paulo II] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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A sign of the ecclesial reception of the Saint’s teaching is the appeal to her doctrine in many documents of the Church’s ordinary Magisterium, especially when speaking of the contemplative and missionary vocation, of trust in the just and merciful God, of Christian joy and of the call to holiness. Evidence of this fact is the presence of her doctrine in the recen t Catechism of the Catholic Church nn. She who so loved to learn the truths of the faith in the catechism deserved to be included among the authoritative witnesses of Catholic doctrine.

View Printer Friendly Version. Email Article to Friend. Saint Therese of Lisieux: A Gateway Her life, writings, spirituality, and mission.

January 2, – August 28, Therese at Les Buissonnets, qmoris The grace of Christmas ; the happy year April 9, – January 10, January 10, – September 8, September to February Prou – Part 1 – Retreats at Carmel. Father Alexis Prou – Part 2 amoirs 7. Celine enters; Therese finds her way. January to June 8, Offering of Myself to Merciful Love, June 9, June – March 21, Therese’s trial against faith: June – writing of Manuscript C.

Photographs of Therese with her fellow Carmelites. July 8, – September 30, Santa Clara, California, November 11, San Jose, California, November 12, Join Our Mailing List.

Reliquary at the Carmelite Monastery, Philadelphia. Therese from to “. Doctor of the Universal Church. ajoris


Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Pilgrimage to Therese’s France. Saint Therese’s secondary sources. Researching Saint Therese Online abstracts of articles about St. References to studies of St. Links for more research.

Therese in the arts. Follow Therese in Normandy. Please sign the guestbook. Therese a Doctor of the Church. The spiritual doctrine of Therese of Lisieux has helped extend the kingdom of God. By her example of holiness, of perfect fidelity to Mother Church, of full communion with the Divii of Peter, as well as by the special graces obtained by her for many missionary brothers and sisters, she has rendered amogis particular service to the renewed proclamation and experience of Christ’s Gospel and to the extension of the Catholic faith in amois nation on earth.


There is no need to dwell at length on the universality of Dibini doctrine and on the broad reception of her message during the century since her death: A particularly important fact in this regard is scientua the Church’s Magisterium has not only recognized Therese’s holiness, but has also highlighted the wisdom of her doctrine.

Piux X had already said that she was “the greatest saint of modern times”. On joyfully receiving the first Italian edition of the Story of a Soul, he extolled the fruits that had resulted from Therese’s spirituality.

Benedict XV, on the occasion of proclaiming the Servant of God’s heroic virtues, explained the way of spiritual childhood and praised the knowledge of divine realities which God granted to Therese in order to teach others the ways of salvation cf.

AAS 13 [], pp. On the occasion of both her beatification and canonization, Pius XI wished to expound and recommend the Saint’s doctrine, underscoring her special divine enlightenment Discorsi di Pio XI, vol. I, Turinp.

AAS 17 [], pp. When the Basilica of Lisieux was consecrated inPius XII said, among other things, that Therese penetrated to the very heart of the Gospel with her doctrine cf. AAS 46 [], pp. On various occasions during his pontificate he showed his devotion to the Saint and explained the relationship between the doctrine of the Saint of Avila and her daughter, Therese of Lisieux Discorsi, Messaggi, Colloquivol.

Many times during the celebration of the Second Vatican Council, the Fathers recalled her example and doctrine. AAS 65 [], pp.

Divini Amoris Scientia (October 19, ) | John Paul II

I myself on various occasions have had the joy of recalling the person and doctrine of the Saint, especially during my unforgettable visit to Lisieux on 2 Junewhen I wished to remind everyone: Her ‘little way’ is the way of ‘holy childhood’. There is something unique in this way, the genius of St. At the same time there is the confirmation of renewal of the most basic and most universal truth.

What truth of the Gospel message is really more basic and more universal than this: God is our Divink and we are his children? These simple references to an uninterrupted series of testimonies from the Popes of this century on the holiness and doctrine of St. Therese possesses an exceptional universality. Her person, the Gospel message of the “little way” of trust dkvini spiritual childhood have received and csientia to receive a remarkable welcome, which has transcended every border.


The influence of her message extends first of all to men and women whose holiness and heroic virtues the Church herself has recognized, to the Church’s pastors, to experts in theology and spirituality, to priests and seminarians, to men and women religious, to ecclesial movements and new communities, to men and women of every condition and every continent. amoriss

The Saint That John Paul II Wants Everyone To Imitate – Philip Kosloski

To everyone Therese gives her personal confirmation that the Christian mystery, whose witness and apostle she became by making herself in prayer “the apostle of the apostles”, as she boldly calls herself Ms A, 56rmust be taken literally, with the greatest possible realism, because it has a value for every time and place. The power of her message lies in its concrete explanation of how all Jesus’ promises are fulfilled divvini the believer who knows how confidently to welcome in his own life the scienyia presence of the Redeemer.

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Apostolic letter Divini amoris scientia of His Holiness Pope John Paul II:…

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