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Shooting paintballs with this unit will result in jamming and will void warranty. Proof of age required at the moment of purchase. When shooting the airsoft gun for target or game, you and all participiants must wear gogles or other eye protective manuzl, also paying attention to ricochers. Misuse may cause serious injury, especially to the eyes.



To load the magazine, open the tab on top and fill the compartment with the recommended BBs about BBs into the compartment. The door to the BB loading reservoir is difficult to open with just your fingers. We recommend using a firm, thin object to lift the lid open to avoid breaking your nails or hurting your hands.

Spin the wheel located at the bottom of the magazine clockwise for about 1 minute. Repeat the operation every shots.

Plug the charged battery to the connector and slide it into the compartment as shown. Push and lock the cover back in place as shown in the pictures. If your pack is empty, it will need between 4 and 5 hours to be fully charged. This selector also possesses an electric safety OFF. Front sight can be adjusted Right-Left. Adjust directly with the finger.

Move the cursor to adjust the firing sytem. Adjust according to the weight of the BBs used.

Cybergun Famas F1 Airsoft Rifle Owner’s Manual

Make sure the rifle is stored empty of any ammunition, magazine removed, and take out the battery. Release the magazine by pushing on the lever 1 located in front of the trigger guard mnaual slide the magazine out of the receptacle 2.


Push the release and slide the cover to reach the battery compartment. Plug your battery pack on the small charger and plug this small charger on volts.

To start shooting, aim at a target, put the selector on one of the two positions Semi or Full Auto and pull the trigger. Rear sight can be adjusted in Elevation only. Access the BAXS system by removing the cheek piece.

Once finished shooting, put this lever back on the “Safe” position.