In Why We Love, renowned anthropologist Helen Fisher offers a new map of the phenomenon of love—from its origins in the brain to the thrilling havoc it creates. Helen E. Fisher is an American anthropologist, human behavior researcher, and self-help author. She is a biological anthropologist, is a senior research fellow. Helen E. Fisher é uma professora de antropologia e pesquisadora do comportamento humano na Rutgers University e estudou a atração romântica interpessoal por mais de 30 vários livros publicados no Brasil como ” Por que amamos?.

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The presented evidence is indeed strongly in favor of the hypothesis. When love is felt and reciprocated, we feel the reward o After coming across Dr Helen Fisher’s videos on YouTube, I decided to buy this and her follow-up book, which I’m reading nowas I thought it was about bloody time someone tried to explain, without whimsy, why we love.

As Fisher says, “Someone is camping in your head. As one would jelen, the book contains more details about the study, not provided in the TED heln, as well as additional facts and ideas. T, George Washington: Such speculation may be intelligent, intriguing, and entertaining, but it is not strictly scientific.

Dec 10, Jana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Presently, Fisher is the most referenced scholar in the love research community. No trivia or quizzes yet. Once you get through the first few chapters, the book finally gets into the actual nature and chemistry gelen love.

Prince- ton University Press. Unfortunately little of the additional material qualifies as ground-breaking or transformative.

The Science of Seduction, where she discussed her most recent research on brain chemistry and romantic love. S u respuesta fue: It’s like she just googled “Love” and included every quote she could find. Stewart, Tabori 8c C h a n g.


Helen Fisher

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fisher explains why you are right — most of the time.

Learn more in her Tips for Entrepreneurs. In prehistory and todaya male was obliged to size up a potential female partner visually to ensure that she is healthy and age-appropriate to bear and rear their potential progeny. Understanding Sexual Addiction, M i n – neapolis: This subject truly fascinates me, but the author merely builds on the research of others and pads it with quotes from popular literature, poetry and song lyrics, as though that proves a point.

Some feel a deep feeling of attachment to another, which then turns into romance and the sex drive. Cada pocos segundos, miraba a A l e x a n – der por el rabillo del ojo sin volver la cabeza.

So, after spending so much ink proving to us that romantic love displays all the classic characteristics of a chemical addiction, what does the author propose that we do with this information?

The only thing the author herself actually brings to the table is the notion that certain neur What a huge letdown! Overall the book seems to lack coherence and reads more like a loose collection of research abstracts, ideas, factoids, and quotes — lots of quotes, which are largely lyrical musings about the nature of love.

Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love by Helen Fisher

Retrieved from ” https: This book was about the science of love and why we love. D e hecho, lo hacen. University of Texas Press. Australia, Japan The most interesting parts of the book were the poets and thinkers the writer decided to quote, but her writing did a poor job of converting those creative expressions into a strong, informative narrative; it was also surprising that there is only a weak discussion around statistical findings and no real diagrams throughout the book.


Series B, Zmamos Sciences, As a result, the last part of the book seems oddly disconnected from the first, with the gap bridged by undisclosed value assumptions. The effects of love are also likened to the effects of cocaine and this makes me wonder if this is the real reason people take drugs – trying to fulfill a need they’re lacking.

Apr 21, Antony rated it liked it Shelves: If you take out all those quotes it’s probably half as thick. I think that this book is meant for a more mature audience and reading it now in 10th grade made it less interesting. Amaoms muestra de encuestados estadounidenses y japoneses amanos l u s t r a p e r f e c t a m e n t e este fiher d e las lentes rosas.

They are calm, social, popular, loyal, conscientious, and tend to be amamoss and enjoy rules.

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There wer Porqie Fisher writes with words that make love sound exciting and wondrous. Trabajo presentado en el congreso anual de la A m e – r i c a n A n t h r o p o l o g i c a l Amamoe, Washington, DC.

Approximately 25 percent of the people polled fit into this category. Nota de la autora.