View and Download Honda VFRF owner’s manual online. Honda VFRF Motorcycle Owner’s Manual. VFRF Motorcycle pdf manual. procedures or tools, whether or not recommended by Honda /Tust satisfy himself VFRF. Throughout the manual, the following abbrevia- tions are used to. Save this Book to Read free download service manual honda vfr rc36 PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get free download service manual.

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A well-maintained motorcycle is essential for safe, economical and trouble-free riding. Page 31 See your authorized Honda dealer for this service. Odometer and tripmeter read in kilometers. Tire Repair If a tire is punctured or damaged, you should replace it, not repair it. Bfr the electrodes and center porcelain for deposits, corrosion or carbon fouling.

Page 4 months have passed since the start of storage. Should be serviced by your authorized Honda dealer, unless the owner has proper tools, service data and is mechanically qualified. Page 65 Flooded Homda If the engine fails to start after repeated attempts, it may be flooded with excess fuel. To adjust the adjuster to the standard position, proceed as follows: Coat chrome with rust- inhibiting oil. Remove the battery and charge it fully. Apply the brake several times and check for free wheel rotation after the brake rc63 is released.


To reduce the possibility of a fire or explosion, be careful when working around gasoline or batteries. TIRES To safely operate your motorcycle, your tires must be the proper type and size, in good condition with adequate tread, and correctly inflated for the load you are carrying.

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Kanual and lights cannot be operated. Check the spring 1 for damage or loss of tension and the side stand assembly for freedom of movement. Make sure there are no fluid leaks.

Manual Haynes for 1990 Honda VFR 750 FL (rc36)

Page 53 SEAT To remove the seat 1insert the ignition key 2 into the helmet holder 3turn it clockwise and pull the seat lock lever 4 downward. Open the throttle fully and crank the engine for 5 seconds. Use the 8 mm box wrench 2 and pin spanner 3 as shown to adjust the rear shock.

Anytime you ride with a passenger or cargo you should be aware of the following information. To help prevent the motorcycle from falling over, park it on a firm, level surface, using the center stand to provide support.

Fuel Gauge The fuel gauge 1 shows the ffr fuel supply available. All of the electrical circuits on your motorcycle have fuses to protect them from a short circuit or overload. Wear inspection Check the chain wear label when adjusting the chain. Remove the side cover. Page 33 Front Brake Lever: They may also be required by your dealer when ordering replacement parts. Page 34 If the control lever freeplay becomes excessive and the motorcycle creeps or stalls when shifted into gear, or if the clutch slips, causing acceleration to lag behind engine speed, there is probably air in the clutch system and it must be bled mahual.

Control of hydrocarbons is very important because under certain conditions, they react to form photochemical smog when subjected to sunlight. Do not overfill the tank. Stop and place it on its side stand. Page 49 This switch is intended primarily as a safety or emergency vr and should normally remain in the RUN position.

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Page 61 Gauges Turn the ignition on and check for normal operation of the gauges and indicators. Page Battery Removal The battery is in the battery box below the seat.

At E there is: This sounds simple but people do forget. When engine rpm begins to pick up, operate the choke lever to keep fast idle at: Gasoline pumps at service stations normally display the pump octane number. Page 32 Rear Brake Fluid Level: Disconnect the wire connector 2 of the starter magnetic switch 3. Page of Go. Read the instructions before you begin, and make sure you have the tools and skills required. Measure the throttle grip free play at the throttle grip flange.

Do not tow the motorcycle or coast for long distances while the engine is off. Page 39 Your engine is designed to use any gasoline that has a pump octane number of 86 or higher.

Page 16 Do not pull a trailer or sidecar with your motorcycle. Page 29 Rear Suspension Rebound damping adjuster. Inspect the drive chain and sprockets for any hinda the following conditions: Water that is high in mineral content or salt may be harmful to the aluminum engine. Turn the ignition switch OFF before checking or replacing a fuse to prevent an accidental short circuit. When washing your motorcycle, be careful not to flood this area with water.

Do not open the throttle when starting the engine with the choke ON.