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Consider the following navigation includes a List, a Map and a JavaBean: What is the difference between Hibernate and Ibatis in Java?

Although using explicit transactions is very highly recommended, there is a simplified ibstis that can be used for simple requirements generally read-only. If you are using another IDE, please adapt these instructions accordingly.

The javaType attribute is used to explicitly specify the Java property type of the property to be set. In the case of the LRU cache, the size determines the number of entries to store intevriew the cache. The created assemblies are: JavaBeans also support other features events etc. Building a SqlMapper Instance 5.

So these are some of the complexities. One is included with the framework in this optional package. In this case, you only need to specify the type for the columns that are nullable. In addition, a parameter object can always be optionally passed in. This is valuable when dealing with extremely large data sets that you do not want to return in their entirety.

We have experiences whereby the database and even the SQL itself have outlived the application source code, and even ibatos versions of the source code. Further discussion of how this is done is beyond the scope of this document.


20 REAL TIME IBATIS Interview Questions and Answers

IBatis only maps the Java bean properties to database questiojs, and it fetches the database results in the form of Java beans based on configuration. This time the file is called log4j. A Result Map lets you control how data is extracted from the result ibati a query, and how the columns are mapped to object properties. This method can be used whether the result object is a JavaBean or a Map or a primitive wrapper, but that would likely be useless.

The Qkestions implementation is configured as follows:. At runtime, your application code calls a iBATIS library routine which reads and parses the main configuration file. Instead intervisw running a SQL query or stored procedure, the framework will return the category object from it cache.

NUnit will reload the configuration automatically. The value of the statement property must be the name of another mapped statement. So, start with the first, and add the others only if needed.

It supports a convenient set of connection pooling features and is completely onterview no spawned threads which makes it a very lightweight and portable connection pooling solution. An example of the configuration parameters that must be specified for the DbcpDataSourceFactory are as follows:.

Java interview Questions: IBatis

The id attribute is required and provides a name for the statement to reference. It is bit complex to implement. NET uses a pluggable approach to installing providers. Note If you are using NUnit to test your mappings, you can run a test suite, make changes to the XML mapping document, and run the test again. You can choose to manage global transactions externally, either programmatically coded by handor by implementing another framework ivatis as the very common EJB.


Configuring the Data Mapper for Java 4. The parameter classes must be a JavaBean or Map instance if you are using Javaor a property object or IDictionary instance if you are using. Each configuration file can specify one database or datasource. For example, you might just want the EmployeeName keyed by EmployeeNumber.

iBATIS Interview Questions & Answers

But it is very easy to handle in Ibatis. An example of using transactions is shown as Example When the cache becomes over full, the object that was accessed least recently will be removed from the cache. Rather than wrap a single value in another object, you can use the standard library object String, Questtions, et cetera as the parameter directly.

The higher the page, the larger set that will be returned and thrown away.

iBATIS Tutorial

The name can be used more than once depending on the number of times it is needed in the statement. The value of the database column the column attribute that is defined in the same property element as this statement attribute will be passed to the related mapped statement as the parameter. Loading the Data Mapper configuration file e. As explained in Section 3. This value should always be less than or equal to maxSessions and always much less than maxRequests.

Because it is a library, and not an application, there is no installation process, but you do need to go through a few steps to use iBATIS in your application.