Can the admins add a link to the Innsmouth Horror rulebook? It’s been up Arkham Horror – Innsmouth Horror PDF Rules. Here is the Arkham Horror monster list from Innsmouth Horror expansion. Instead, they enter play through special rules. There are a total of. Board Game: Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe 1, Rules (General) Q&A with Innsmouth-specific too.

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Add tags Tags separate by space: As the investigators enter the town, they have to deal with hostile locals, fend off attacks from every direction, and struggle to prevent one of the Great Old Ones from being roused from their ancient slumber.

Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion Review

We are also assuming that you are familiar with the base game, or at least have read its review. They will be delayed, as well as lose half their money. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

It would be a serious pain to edit every single article myself.

The rulebooks linked off the front site lead to the now phased out transition website at FFG – http: When I see the featured article, it mentions the name of a scenario, but provides no link. Innsmouth Horror, much like all many other Arkham expansions, is really propelled by its theme.

I already have some collection from over at the FFG forum and would like to post it here. Otherwise why wouldn’t it mention never passing the first player marker on QU’s sheet, and why would they bother to mention not passing the marker on the dust cards if that happens regardless of the dust cards?

Quachil Uttaus’s GOO Sheet indicates that the first player can spend two clue tokens instead of drawing from the dust deck, and says nothing about not being able to pass the first player marker. It’s been up for a while and it should make the front page.


As with all of the previous expansions of the game, Innsmouth Horror comes with its own set of rules baggage. It would be really handy for getting rulex the information. For example, all of the cards innnsmouth stand to be replaced with descreened versions compressed as JPEG’s to vastly reduce size without affecting visual qualitybut I’m not going to undertake this phenomenal endeavor unless it seems incredibly beneficial, particularly since, as a regular user, I cannot replace existing images that I didn’t personally upload.

I think a link to the base game page [Arkham Horror] under the Game Play section would rulees good – it can be difficult to notice under the title.

A game is a series of decisions; a good game is a series of interesting decisions. Tags separate by space: It certainly says something after all this that you still find yourself making such statements. It looks like the main page is not directly rulez by just anyone, so I’m throwing this here. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. With Innsmouth, this is through the Deep One Rising track.

Innsmouth Horror

As always with the Heralds, they are optional, but using one or the other adds extra feel for the Innsmouth board. Can an admin please post this and the Revised Dark Pharaoh as links on the home page. You had always known him for a gibbering, but the cries were decidedly clairvoyant. This track is increased when monsters are returned to the cup after moving into a vortex or a gate is prevented from opening.

Q-U is the personification of relentless, certain Death Innsmouth Horror is much like the story of the 3 bears. The Main Page seems to me to be the right place to put a link One of the most difficult of the bunch is Zhar, as he begins with magical immunity and later shifts to physical immunity. This plays out with the new additions the game offers, which, aside from the story quests, breaks down into three areas:. Is there a reason for this, or should we be looking into getting these images replaced?

Retrieved from ” http: The King in Green At least you know the location of where all of this strangeness has been emanating from now. I can’t currently find a decent strategy guide for Arkham on the web, so Rulfs going to add strategy stubs to the wiki.


Innsmouth Horror – Arkham Horror Wiki

Roll up someone new without fish DNA this time; your teammates will appreciate it. This is the short rulee. I see many of the scenarios are featured articles on the front page.

This review pertains to an expansion for Arkham Horror and requires the base game horor play. You can think they got a raw deal, but they seem to be oddly protective of their bargain. Only admins can edit the home page. Some pieces were fitting into place, but so much remained murky. Learn More I supported because… “it helps me support the hobby I love.

I would edit it myself, but the main page is locked Can unnsmouth page Mod fix those? These 16 individuals include: To do this you have to spend two clue tokens always a valuable resource at three different districts in town. It was first published on August 21, This eliminates any combat bonus for physical or magical weapons.

If you have the insight to follow where it leads, it will provide you the knowledge you seek. Is there any way to make it visible on the front page? So this act takes up multiple turns as well. Certain events require a player to shuffle the ten card deck and reveal X number of cards. Each investigator has a pair of cards, and these flesh out their background, provide a goal or condition, and explain the effects of success or failure.

If, however, he is driven insane or knocked unconscious, then he must draw an injury or madness card or have his stamina and sanity permanently reduced by one. He must also be defeated twice.