Instead of trying to develop its own 20mm QR system, Magura simply licensed the Maxle design from RockShox. Out of the box, the axle threads felt rougher. The Magura Wotan is Magura’s first proper entry in the all-mountain/freeride fork market. Hello Folks, I’ve had a Wotan for a few weeks now and thought I’d share EDIT: I finally managed to get a hold of Magura, explained the travel.

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And its also designed and built in Germany. The remote lever itself is a dinky little CNC item, lovely and minimalist but we think must have been designed around unsurprisingly Magura brake levers and SRAM shifters — trying to fit it in amongst Shimano wotzn without the lever itself or its associated cable fouling anything would drive Ghandi to violence.

That seems to be the way Rock Shox is doing it and it seems to work. Here is a home experiment for you to do: And really, a lot of riders here end up changing out wotaan different weights oil shortly after getting a new fork anyways so the oil swap is no biggie and easy to do.

I think you’re confusing it with the wars my country is involved in But it is something to keep jagura mind if you magjra coming off of something a bit shorter. I suppose you could tear the Wotan apart when you get it and do the mods like is mentioned in the above review but to me it seems a little silly to have to do that to your brand new fork to make it perform the way you want it to when the other brands are pretty mint out of the box.

It might be best for you, but I think most riders could benefit magkra more travel. Something I could support whole heartedly. Riding a lot of tight, technical singletrack I noticed that the slightly longer fork was a bit of hinderance. With some unique features and stunning looks it begs a closer look. Rolinski May 23, at 2: If changing the oil weight will make that big enough improvement on the maguta of the Wotan hopefully Magura will change their stock setup so that way customers won’t have to.


I dunno, but Im keeping my 55 for now.

It’s Pronounced Voo-Taan! – Magura Wotan Fork Review

I hope it’s not like rock shox that looses rebound because of a shitty plastic that cracks. This statement is just plain false. As for the mod’s that I did, they really transformed the fork. Dont hate until youve ridden one.

There are 0 comments. I’d take this fork over any conflict, and the cost? It’s been said many times before but all of these 6″ forks are far more advanced than what racers were running only a few years ago.

With the Wotan I would notice that sometimes I would have to pull up and almost swing the front wheel around in the apex of the turn, as opposed to carving the corner. The Albert Select system consists of only a few parts.

Magura Wotan

I didn’t find that turning on the Albert helped much in this and, like you said, adding more air doesn’t really stiffen up the initial travel which is a good think to maintain small bump activness.

This is my next fork for SURE! Compression Albert Select assembly on the left, rebound on the right. And rather than a straight bolt-up through-axle, Magura has licensed the Maxle QR system from SRAM, so you get the stiffness and security benefits of a 20mm through-axle but you can still get the wheel in and out with a minimum of faff. Reading PB’s review of the fork it doesn’t really seem like they have improved too much on the actual compression damping on the fork, considering it is written that you have to do some modifications like putting in a heavier weight oil.

Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. Flight control is very nice on tough uphills and it works flawlessly. First, the brake mount is an 8in-specific postmount — our mm Saint brake bolted straight on without needing any additional adaptor, which looks a whole lot cleaner and means two fewer bolts to check. So what about the competition?


Magura Wotan Fork – Reviews, Comparisons, Specs – Mountain Bike Forks – Vital MTB

Freeride May 23, at This may not hold true for the type of riding you do Wyoming? By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. More cleverness can be found inside the fork, with the Wotan having remarkably feature-packed guts. The standard travel of the Wotan is a healthy mm 6.

Wow, I have to admit I didnt expect dual arches to look good! Bombing downhill through rock gardens and roots was wofan awesome because of its stiffness and plush travel but once the trail started leveling out a bit it lost a bit of it’s magic.

Magura Wotan – Bike Magic

Open Gallery 5 Images. Going from a Rock Shox Lyrik I found the Wotan to be not as lively in technical singletrack and a little sluggish.

This is my interpretation of the author’s comments. DAD Dual Arch Design creates a ‘closed tube’ that is claimed to keep things stiffer than a more typical single arch ‘open tube’ fork. I agree that have another option in the fork market is a good thing, for both the consumer and industry. I think that rather rely on just a pedalling platform that is either on or off there should be a qotan compression adjustment that you can set for your overall ride magjra then if you want to stiffen up the fork for climbing you can turn on the platform.

I run one in my Specialized Pitch. We will never sell your data and you’ll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you’ll enjoy. Rockshox is made magurra Taiwan.